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Military Type M203 Grenade Launcher Short barrel
  • Military Type M203 Grenade Launcher Short barrel

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    The M203 was the only part of the army's Special Purpose Individual Weapon (SPIW) project to go into production. The M203 has been in service since 1969 and was introduced to U.S. military forces during the early 1970s, replacing the older M79 grenade launcher and the conceptually similar Colt XM148 design.





      • Full Metal Construction
      • For M4 Series Airsoft Rifles
      • Compatible with most standard 40mm Airsoft Grenade Shells

      • Length: 380mm
        Compatibility: For M4 Series Airsoft Rifles and most other rifles with 20mm rail
      • Comes with M16 Vietnam style mount and 20mm mount 
        Grenade shells:: Works with most Standard 40mm Airsoft Grenade Shells

      Airsoft Safety

      This is the most important policy. Please obey the law, use common sense and help keep Airsoft fun and great for the entire Airsoft community in New Zealand.

      • Play safe, play responsible and play respectable.
      • Eye protections must be worn at ALL time by shooter and all surrounding personnel when operating an Airsoft gun.
      • Brandishing and Airsoft gun in public is illegal. Airsoft guns should never be taken out to the public or school.
      • Prior to Airsofting in your private backyard or other privately owned properties, be sure to notify any surrounding neighbors that they are Airsoft.
      • Proper safety training, education and parenting is required prior to lending your Airsoft product to a minor. You acknowledge and understand the inherent dangers involved when operating Airsoft products and related accessories. Goggles and other protective gear should always be worn to prevent injury. Lithium batteries (LiPo) and compressed gas can be unstable if not used and stored properly. This may lead to fire, serious injuries, or even death. Please read warnings carefully before using.


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