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Welcome to Phantom Gunsmiths Corporate Shooting Services.

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Clay bird shooting is the fun and enjoyable way to challenge yourself and try something a bit different.


Whether you are booking as an individual, small group or large function group we can cater to all your needs and have a range of different options available to suite those needs


For groups of 4 or Less


$65 each per person which is a one on one supervised session and includes up to 25 cartridges, gun, clays and safety gear, includes standard and elite style targets.

Approximately 60 minutes for a group of 4 to complete this activity

For Groups of 5 to 10 persons  

$65 each per person which includes ammo, clay birds, shotgun and safety gear) completed under instructions at standard targets.

Approximately 2 hours for a group of 10 to complete this activity

For groups larger than 10 persons

Please phone: Andrew on 027 7469653 or email Andrew at for prices and availability

There are BBQ and kitchen facilities for you to bring your own food to cook.

Legal Stuff

All accounts must be paid before the date booked unless organised prior with Phantom Gunsmith Staff. Larger than 10 group bookings will also need to pay a confirmation booking deposit.

Phantom Gunsmiths have a strict cancellation policy and if you cancel your booking within 24 hours of the agreed time and date or fail to show up to the booking you will NOT be refunded (this is at the discretion of the staff at Phantom Gunsmiths) 

Shooters will be under direct supervision at all times and staff have the right to refuse entry to the activities for anyone behaving in an unsafe or irresponsible way, this includes persons under the noticeable influence of narcotics or alcohol.

Please be advised – This is a shooting facility, Phantom Gunsmiths and the New Zealand Handloaders Association have very strict Health and Safety policy and procedures. With this in mind there is a minimum age limit of 12 years and above for all corporate shooting events.


Safety Stuff


All shooters and spectators will wear hearing protection.

Protective eyewear is recommended to be worn when incoming target are being used and inclosed shoes must be worn.


Safety glasses are available.

No-one other than the instructor handles the cartridges, which ensures the instructor has full control of the shooting.


The seven basic rules set by the NZ Police are also covered during the session as well as any other relevant Health and safety information:

  1. Treat every firearm as loaded

  2. Always point firearm in a safe direction

  3. Load a firearm only when ready to fire

  4. Identify your target beyond all doubt

  5. Check your firing zone

  6. Store firearms and ammunition safely

  7. Avoid alcohol and drugs when handling firearms

These rules and others are always enforced

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